Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blogger protection from FEC

I received this via email so I will pass it on.


Time is running out at the Federal Election Commission. The period for public comment on the proposed rulemaking regarding the Internet closes June 3, 2005.

As a blogger, or blog reader - you have valuable input from your firsthand experience that the FEC desperately needs. You don't have to be a lawyer, and you've got a duty to weigh in. Please take a moment and read over and endorse the 11 Principles for Online Freedom we've written up with the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Institute for Politics, Technology, and The Internet:

If you'd like to file your own comment, here are two places where you can find help and instructions:

Once you do submit a comment, please consider sending us a copy. Knowing what bloggers are telling the FEC will help throughout this process.


Mike Krempasky
Michael Bassik


Chris Woods said...

This really is quite important. As much as we on the left bash the righties, they're just as much affected by this as we are.

It is great to see this online bipartisan effort to protect speech in all forms on the internet. I'm glad you sent an email!

Fred said...

Thanks, this protection is a must!