Friday, May 06, 2005

Chronically biased?

Greg Wythe states his frustration on the so called liberal Houston Chronicle. What happened to Dan Patrick's right leaning Chronically Biased anyway? Well, Dan Patrick now has his own blog called Lone Star Times which is basically an offshoot of his religious ultra-conservative political radio station KSEV. I don't listen to Houston AM often (have Sirius), but my goodness, why so much hate. Bible thumping hate at that. Also, like the Bush campaign blog, no comments allowed in Dan's blog. Wonder what he's afraid of?

Via Greg's Opinion

Graphical depiction of the bunk that is the "So Called Liberal Houston Chronicle" below the fold, but one thing that really chafes my hide aboutreporting done such as this. When you quote the RNC as stating:"Nick Lampson couldn't win his own district even after out-spending his opponent by nearly $1 million" ... could it at least KILL you to point out that it wasn't "HIS OWN DISTRICT," but rather the district that Tom DeLay and Tom Craddick drew for specifically for Ted Poe? At least that way, you'd be more factually correct ... not that we rely on the Chronicle for facts, but still.

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