Sunday, May 22, 2005

Give'em hell, Dean

Dean shows some backbone today on Meet the Press, exactly the reason why he was chosen.

Howard Dean, the Democratic National Committee chairman, said Sunday that Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, was likely to go to jail over ethical transgressions and called on him to step down pending the outcome of inquiries into his actions.

Dr. Dean offered a blistering review of the Republican Party - "I hate what the Republicans are doing to this country, I really do," he said - and used Mr. DeLay as an example of the "abuse of power" that he said now permeated Washington.

"This gentleman is not an ethical person, and he ought not to be leading Congress, period," Dr. Dean said on "Meet the Press" on NBC. "And it is endemic of what happens in Congress when one party controls everything."


Tom Harper said...

This is the perfect position for Dean. He can say what needs to be said without having to worry about being a politician, offending the wrong person, etc.

denise said...

I completely agree with tom harper up there... He's gotten really good with press-type affairs cine becoming head of the DNC.

...and I don't think it's wrong to wish a jail sentence for The Hammer.


Fred said...

Dean really believes what he says...I see nothing wrong with what he is saying. The poor righties are crying hoo!