Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Golf anyone?

Didn't think they would be up so soon, but here they are. Thanks to DFA for getting the signs up in Houston and Galveston.

You know what I call this? A sign of better things to come:

Democracy for America stood with me long before telling the truth about Tom DeLay became fashionable. You made a difference in Texas—with your support last year, my challenge brought Tom DeLay closer to losing his seat than ever before in his political career.

You can see every day on the news that your courage sparked something big. You helped make Tom DeLay the national symbol of Republican excess. He and the machine he built are on the defensive. And they should be—DeLay and his party must be held accountable for the corruption and abuse of power in Congress.

So keep fighting the good fight. Here in Texas and across the country we're onto DeLay and his special interest allies—and we want our country back. If you're in the area, you can also join one of two DFA visibility rallies at the DeLay billboards in Galveston and Houston. Count on me to keep fighting, too.

Your work has made a deep impression on me, and on this district. Keep it up—and keep showing the whole country what you can do.

Sincerely,Richard MorrisonResident of Texas's 22nd Congressional District and Democratic candidate for Congress in 2004

P.S. As you all have noticed, the final billboards read, "Lobbyists sent Tom DeLay golfing; all you got was this billboard." The reason we changed it from "Corporations" is because new evidence suggests that lobbyists actually paid for part of Tom DeLay's trip to Scotland and London in 2000—which was the same trip that DeLay went golfing.

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