Monday, May 09, 2005

Jesus was a liberal

The Huffington Post is up and live today. The site features favorite post from guest bloggers Senator Jon Corzine, Larry David, John Cusack, Walter Cronkite and others. Definitely a different spin for the Blog World. Arrianna kicks it off with What Would Jesus Do... With Tom DeLay?
To put Delay's humble comments in perspective, let's use that oft-quoted litmus test: What Would Jesus Do?

Would Jesus strong-arm lobbyists to pay for his golfing trip to St. Andrew's in Scotland? Would Jesus let a lobbyist pay for him to stay at the Bethlehem -- I mean, London -- Four Seasons?

Would Jesus, were he to smoke, and were he to be smoking on federal property, and were he asked politely not to, then reply: "I am the federal government."

If DeLay and his pious pals had been around for the Sermon on the Mount, perhaps the most famous line about humility ever spoken would have been given a rewrite:

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, unless the pushy hire Jack Abramoff at 750 shekels an hour; then the meek (and the Indians) are screwed."

Luckily, Jesus was able to stick to the original script.

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Toad734 said...

Jesus was a socialist, liberal, peace loving hippie! I have the scriptures to prove it!