Monday, May 16, 2005

Liberal media

via News Hounds

Fox News' Neil Cavuto today on Tom DeLay:

"Ever since he was a young man, he and his wife have taken in foster kids." "He gives a lot to charity, but tells those charities not to say a word about who's the one giving." "He comes from a party that many say is all about the rich, but most of the time he devotes himself to helping the poorest of the poor." "He's given unwed mothers a chance and those from broken homes a hope."

Full text here in, "Beyond the Headlines."

Comment: This is the first "major" statement I've heard Neil Cavuto make about Tom DeLay and, natch, he can't say enough about the guy.

Over the past few weeks, Cavuto endorsed Bush's "plan" to "fix" Social Security, he spoke in favor of nuking the filibuster, and today he lauded Tom DeLay. I wonder what would have happened had Dan Rather done this.


texmex said...

He would cut his wrist for Dan if he was a republican.

Fred said...

you know, you may be right!