Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lies lies lies

As each day passes we learn more and more how Bush lied and misled us all. It so bad that it's time to bring up the word impeachment here and here and here and here and here . Two former Reagan officials talk about it here and here.

A look into the future... The war crimes trial of the BFEE via Bartcop


Let's identify them all:
Front row: Monkey, Rummy, Powell, General Richard Meyers Feith, Bolton, Alawi, Negroponte..., Bremer and Forki
Second row: Unka Dick, Kinda Sleazy, Wolfie, Tenet, Sanchez, Poodle, Straw, Chalabi, ... Greenspan? Greenspan guilty of war crimes? Works for me, ...and that bastard Karl Rove, who gay-bashed his way into the White House

and oh yeah...

President Bush on Saturday championed faith in American society, but ran into some criticism as he courted his Christian base in a commencement speech at a Michigan college.

It cited "conflicts between our understanding of what Christians are called to do and many of the policies of your administration."

Some graduating students wore buttons that said "God is not a Democrat or a Republican."

update: Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Jerusalem - It's times like this that I and the world really miss Clinton.


Snave said...

Great weblog! I found you via "Who Hijacked Our Country?" I may add your site to my links if you don't mind.

As soon as I saw the "Why Not Kinky?" design, I knew this was a good place to be. I love his books. I will never forget the description of his airplane ride in "The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover". I think it might have been that same book where he talked about a turd in his cat's litter box being shaped vaguely "like Nicaragua". And the man's music is wonderful as well!

I too am concerned and pissed with the current situation in our country, especially with the influence of religion on our government... sigh...

Anyway, come check out my site sometime!

Fred said...

snave, will do. Thanks for the post.

Rachel said...

I'd have beenlivid if my university had trotted out GW at commenement. I'd have been outside in my cap and gown with the protesters. To paraphrase Hank Hill (who was talking about Reagan, a very different president), I really miss voting for Clinton.