Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Moral values at its crossroads

Hotel Rwanda, a movie depicting the horror of the 1990's genocide in Rwanda, exists today and it's in Sudan.

Bush had once noted, in his last term, that the Sudan massacre would not continue under his watch. His legacy is being tested. It will be interersting to see if moral values, our definition not his, can influence his international political strategy for the good of humanity. I believe, however, the current US policy is to maintain relations with the Sudan government by acquiring intelligence on terrorists in exchange for justice on human rights or genocide.

Our elected President and appointed administration preached moral values on their campaign trail, yet we invade a country and bomb to death over 100,000 Iraqi citizens over WMDs that never existed. Bush has not once given an inkling of an apology.

The clock is ticking, and for every month that passes by in Sudan 10,000 deaths occur.


Josh said...

while Bush sits and watches... why not error on the side of life here? Oops, no oil here. to bad. Time to go kill some Iraqis.

Toad734 said...

And why don’t you ask all the Iraq war supporters why we are there. They will tell you it's to spread freedom and democracy to a country that was ruled by a torturous and murderous dictator who committed genocide and gassed his own people.

Then ask them why we aren't in Sudan.

Fred said...

very well stated, but these are republicans we are talking about. They only believe the talking points forced fed into their small little brains...don't think they would understand...but I will still try just for the pure enjoyment of the confused look on their faces.