Thursday, May 26, 2005

Out of touch

Each new poll I read seems to have the phrase "a new low for George W. Bush". Oliver Willis discusses the most recent poll ...

This poll just continues to confirm a trend, and it must be taken advantage of.

Six in ten Americans say the president does not share their priorities, while just 34 percent say he does – the lowest numbers for Mr. Bush since the eve of his first inauguration. If there's any solace for Mr. Bush, it's that even fewer people, just 20 percent, say Congress shares their priorities.

• The Washington Republicans do not share the values of regular working Americans

• While Democrats have tried to lower the cost of health care, protect social security from privatization, and defend our country from terrorists. The Washington Republicans have been on a campaign to inject themselves into your personal decisions, ruin social security, and to obstruct vital medical research that could save millions of lives

• President Bush is a lame duck, flailing to remain relevant as the radical right cements control over the Republicans

• Democrats are the only choice to keep America secure, protect your retirement, and look out for the common sense values of America's families.

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