Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Righties cave

So maybe this filibuster madness is over for awhile with this compromise. The agreement said future judicial nominees should "only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances," with each senator presumably the Democrats holding the discretion to decide when those conditions had been met. Officials said the pact was intended to cover the Supreme Court as well as other levels of the judiciary.

So who wins here...the reaction across the Blogosphere is that the right is down right angry over this deal. The left is upset but not rabid mad angry as the right. The clause in the deal"only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances' sums it up...the Democratics got the better end of the deal and defeats the only true reason the Republican's wanted to impose the "nuclear option", which was to install their extremist right wing judges to the Supreme Court when the time to do so arrives.

Cooks and Liars spent the time to research the Blogs...

Free Republic here Jelly F-ing spined jacka**es!!!!!!!!!!! Any compromise on THIS issue is SURRENDER. Frist just lost the RNC nomination. He's the fool who dragged this out until the f***ing RINOs got their posies arranged all pretty...read on

Instapundit: Joe Scarborough calls it a "win for the Democrats and a loss for George W. Bush"

Michelle Malkin: My two cents: Ditto to all of the above. The GOP parade of pusillanimity marches on. With this pathetic cave-in, the Republicans have sealed their fate as a Majority in Name Only.

Power Line's John Hinderaker: What a hideous deal.

Truth Serum: Count this as a loss to James Dobson and the rest of the religious right crowd who tried to ram this down our throat. Bush and Frist owe their evangelical Christian base big-time. When will they figure it out that they are being played.


Anonymous said...

The Freeper sight is hilarious...those guys are nutty...where exactly will they go if they hate their party so much after this agreement.

Tom Harper said...

I'm glad they reached the agreement. We get 3 shitty federal judges, but...

Dobson and his ilk are pissed, and Frist's White House ambitions are derailed. Thank God.

Fred said...

Thank God, Amen!!