Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lampson calls for indepensent counsel

Nick Lampson introduced an online petition today calling on Rep. Tom DeLay to support an independent counsel to resolve the controversy over DeLay's alleged fourth House ethics violation. Read the press release.


(Emails from petition signers are sent to website of Reps. DeLay, Hastings, and Speaker Hastert)

Dear (Rep. DeLay; Rep. Hastings; Speaker Hastert),

I urge you to support the appointment of an independent counsel to conduct the ethics investigation into Tom DeLay's activities. Clearly, the House Ethics Committee is compromised and cannot discharge its responsibilities fairly or objectively on its own.

If Tom DeLay is truly innocent of these ethics allegations, then for the good of the people of the 22nd District and for the good of the Congress, it's time for him to get the investigation underway. The only way to get to the bottom of this ethics investigation is to appoint an independent counsel, and to do it today.

Please restore honesty and integrity to Congress -- appoint an independent counsel to investigate Tom DeLay's ethics today!

Sign the petition!
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