Friday, June 17, 2005

Over the top reader

Buzzflash review:

On a Sunday, June 12, FOX propaganda gabfest, Dick "Anti-Democracy Puppet Master" Cheney called Howard Dean "over the top." Cheney went on to charge, "I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does. He's never won anything, as best I can tell." Holy Herr Himmler, Dick, Howard was elected governor of Vermont five times, which goes to show you that the Dick Meister is as about as knowledgeable about Dean as he is about the war in Iraq.

You can tell Dean is hitting a Republican alarm button when Cheney starts accusing the Chairman of the DNC of extremism. Heck, Cheney appears on Rush Limbaugh when he can and pals around with the likes of Pat Robertson, who accused so-called (and perhaps non-existent) liberal judges of posing a greater threat to America than terrorists. Talk about over the top, Limbaugh is the male "Tokyo Rose" for the Bushevik oligarchy.

Dean wasn't phased by Dick's calculated attack. Howard's response was, "My view is FOX News is a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party and I don't comment on FOX News."

All this proves is that Dean is following the old Harry Truman adage: You don't have to give the Republicans Hell. All You have to do is tell the truth, and they'll think that it's Hell.

Which brings us to today's premium: "The I Hate Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity. . . Reader: The Hideous Truth About America's Ugliest Conservatives," edited by Clint Willis. (Willis also edited the popular BuzzFlash premium, "The I Hate Republicans Reader: Why the GOP is Totally Wrong About Everything.")


Rachel said...

Dean struck me as a little arrogant during the campaign, but he has always directly answered any questions asked of him, and I have grown to deeply appreciate his candor. I say give 'em hell, Howard!

Snave said...

Now this is a book I hadn't heard or read about yet! Time to do some research. Thanks for mentioning it! Of course when I read it, the authors will be preaching to the choir... but that's o.k.

I'm currently reading "Weapons Of Mass Deception" by Sheldon Rampton and Joe Stauber... it contains documentation of all kinds of manipulation of information. It would provide good reading for anyone who is fascinated by propaganda and fallacy.

Another one I would recommend is "The Bum's Rush: The Selling of Environmental Backlash" by Donald Trent Jacobs. It isn't as much an attack on Limbaugh's views as it is an informative book on ways to recognized when you're being tricked or manipulated. Fans of Rush Limbaugh won't like the book because it depicts Rush (correctly, in my opinion) as a master of argumental fallacy, and it demonstrates that he does not use sound arguments. In short, the author shows how Limbaugh's comments provide textbook examples of ways in which one can get people to bypass their critical thinking skills when you want them to see things your way.

13 Fox said...

Such jealousy. No wonder the Dems are miserable. Who else writes a book about hate? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Coulter, the queen of hate...

Snave said...

Or possibly Sean Hannity, who even has the cojones to title one of his books "Deliver Us From Evil"!