Monday, June 06, 2005



13 Fox said...

Lol. Nice.

Fred said...

I knew you were a swell guy!

13 Fox said...

You'd be surprised what we do agree on. I'm firmly against John Bolton too. Bush has lost his mind if he thinks Bolton will better our UN relations.

Daldianus said...

DeLay is such a crook.

13 Fox said...

Tom DeLay:

It's been noted and proven by a journalist who created the petition to remove
Tom DeLay from office that he has abused many of his powers and utilized
powers he shouldn't be allotted.
He led the partisan power grab in Texas in 2003 to gain more Republican
seats through redistricting eight years before the state was scheduled to do
so. That process forced Texans to waste millions, while healthcare, education
and other needs went unmet. DeLay's pattern of abuses and disgraceful conduct
extend beyond the above mentioned. Other examples of DeLay's abuses in the
petition include the following:

"U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay [R-Texas] has been a disgrace to the
United States and the world since he entered Congress in 1984.

His latest partisan power grab is to lead the effort to gain more Republican seats in Congress by redistricting Texas – eight years before the state is scheduled to do so again. Texas has been forced to spend millions this year just to satisfy DeLay's lust for more power, while healthcare, education and other needs go unmet.

DeLay, a former bug exterminator, is known for extortion, illegal fundraising and blackmail.

DeLay has obstructed justice for low-paid sweatshop workers on the island of Saipan by taking large campaign contributions from Saipan's chief lobbyist and blocking any Congressional investigation of the appalling conditions there.

DeLay has obstructed justice by lying to the FBI when he charged that the reporter who broke the Henry Hyde adultery story in the 1990s had been working with the White House to expose Hyde.

DeLay led the campaign in the House to impeach Bill Clinton, while rumors of extramarital affairs of his own continue to circulate.

DeLay's far-right extreme agenda includes to repeal environmental protection laws by dismantling the EPA and gutting the Clean Air Act, allow big polluting companies to continue to pollute our air, water and other resources and teach creationism in public schools.

DeLay also opposes campaign finance reform and has taken more money from tobacco interests than any other Texas legislator. During a deposition for a lawsuit filed by a former business partner in the pest company in 1994, DeLay lied that he had not been an officer of the company for two or three years. On congressional financial disclosure forms filed in 1995, he listed himself as chairman of the company's board of directors. Allegations included that DeLay illegally used company money to pay political campaign debts. The lawsuit was ultimately settled with an undisclosed amount paid to the business partner.

In 1997, DeLay actually shoved Rep. David Obey [D-Wisconsin] and called him a "chickenshit" on the House floor.

That same year, DeLay tried to impeach federal judges he didn't like. In 1998, he said that people with, foreign-sounding names, probably aren't Americans.

Finally, a story goes that DeLay lit up a stogie in a restaurant, and a waiter told him it was a government building, where smoking was not permitted. DeLay reportedly retorted, "I am the government."
It seems, much like other politicians in the past, Tom DeLay is under the impression he may be above the law. I'm a proud Republican and proudly Conservative but Tom DeLay is ridiculous. When Judge Greer upheld a Florida State Statute which allowed Michael Schiavo to remove his wife from life support he decided he'd start making personal attacks on Judge Greer and other judges in the case. Might I remind you, over 23 courts and judges, including the US Supreme Court (6 times) either threw out or rejected the Schindler's case to go around the Florida State Constitution and keep her alive against her will and take power of attorney away from her court appointed legal guardian. Tom DeLay decided we needed a whole new judicial system.....for simply upholding the law.

Austin Cline wrote the following, which proves the point I'm trying to make. Tom Delay quoted:

"This loss happened because our legal system did not protect the people who need protection most, and that will change. The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior, but not today. Today we grieve, we pray, and we hope to God this fate never befalls another."

Translation: "We know who you are, those of you who didn't back our theocratic plan, and we're going to get you. Maybe not today and maybe not next week, but your names are on our lists and we will be coming for you. Sleep lightly." A Republican leader making threats like this is sickening. "I never thought I'd see the day when a U.S. judge stopped feeding a living American so that they took 14 days to die." Well, how about the day when a man refused to let his father go on dialysis and let him die? You know, like Tom DeLay did with his own father, just before he participated in a lawsuit against the corporation he claimed was responsible for his father's accident? He managed to see that day."

So let's see, Tom DeLay sued because he said someone else was responsible for his father's condition? That's exactly what DeLay criticized Michael Schiavo for. DeLay made a decision to deny his father medical treatment he needed, being dialysis, resulting in his father's death? That's exactly what DeLay criticized Michael Schiavo and the ENTIRE judicial system for.

DeLay CLEARLY proves his belief in what he quoted to the waiter in the restaurant, when he said, "I am the Government."