Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Typical Bush Strategy

Bush, again, presents his crusade yesterday in front of a typical audience (such as FBI, Military folks and Republicans) outlining the same typical strategy on defeating terrorism - "take this fight to the enemy" and "fight until the enemy is defeated".

Let's contrast this style with that of Wesley Clark's as depicted in an article he wrote in yesterday's USA Today. He says, "But fighting terrorism at home isn't just a matter of "killing terrorists." Terrorists aren't born that way. They are created by their interaction with their surroundings. To win this war, we must defeat the ideology of terrorism, depriving angry young people of their ability to justify their hateful actions in the name of Allah.

This will require not only strong Islamic condemnation of terrorists and their acts, but also a winning dialogue within Islam to defeat Koranic interpretations seeking to justify the use of force against innocent people. We need to encourage "moderates" in Islam to debate, to proselytize and to win over potential terrorists. They are the only ones who can do it".

Judge for yourself.

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wesforprez said...

Wes is awsome...winner of the first Kos Staw poll.