Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New poll for white House a disaster

As expected and predicted, the approval rating for Bush is now a whopping 35% and a spectacular 19% for the Vice President.

Most Americans believe someone in the Bush Administration did leak Valerie Plame's name to reporters even though Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald indicted no one for doing that. Half of the public describes the matter as something of great importance to the country, and this poll finds low assessments of both the President and the Vice President with the President's overall approval rating dropping again to its lowest point ever.

The nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court has had minimal impact so far, and assessments of the war in Iraq remain negative with more than ever before saying the Administration was less than honest in discussing their reasons for war.
Another interesting part of the poll is just important the libby indictment and the CIA leak is to the American people.

CIA Leak
Great importance - 51%
Some importance - 35%
Little/no importance - 12%

Clinton-Lewinsky (1/98)
Great importance - 41%
Some importance - 21%
Little/no importance - 37%

Whitewater (3/94)
Great importance - 20%
Some importance - 29%
Little/no importance - 45%

Iran-Contra (2/87)
Great importance - 48%
Some importance - 33%
Little/no importance - 19%

Watergate (5/73; Gallup Poll)
Great importance - 53%
Some importance - 25%
Little/no importance - 22%

Wow, almost as important as Watergate and more important than Iran-Contra. The reasoning for the above results is the American people know they were lied to. Not just once but often and by many in the White House. And the Rublicans thought this story would just fizzle.

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