Monday, November 14, 2005

Remember Bob Gammage

Bob Gammage is contemplating a run for governor of Texas. He's a Clarkie and that's an instant plus. Once a Clarkie always a Clarkie. Anyway, the Democratic ticket needs a spark so this may be a good thing... Below is the email floating around about Bob.

Bob Gammage was instrumental in the DraftClark movement adopting the "Crank It Up" slogan. He did, and we did, and we all worked hard to encourage and then support General Clark in his 2004 candidacy.

At the urging of a number of concerned Democrats across the state, Bob is considering running for Governor -- the filing deadline is January 2, 2006. Governor is at the top of the ticket. We need not only an inspiring, competent and compassionate candidate who understands the issues facing ALL Texans. We need a gubernatorial candidate who can deliver an aggressive 2006 campaign message. We need a messenger, with a compelling public message about what the Democratic Party believes in. We need a messenger whose presence at the top of the ticket will help generate turn-out for our down-ballot candidates.

Texas is at a crossroads and we face a crucial decision in November 2006. Do we continue the politics and policies built on the desires of the far-right, cronyism, and most importantly, corrupt and incompetent leadership...or do we seek a change. We have less than two months before filing ends for the 2006 elections. The primary is in four months. One year from now, the 2006 campaign will be over.

Bob Gammage helped lead Texans For Clark in 2004 to bring about change at the national level. He donated, fund-raised, recruited, organized, and knocked doors for General Clark in New Hampshire and Oklahoma. When Wes endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, Bob immediately went to work helping the Kerry Campaign, and continued helping John Kerry and the Democratic Party with fundraising, organizing and volunteer recruitment right through election day when he worked a poll for Kerry/Edwards in New Mexico.

Today, Bob is considering stepping up and putting his name, family, and life on the line to take Rick Perry to task for his incompetence and lack of leadership. Personally, we believe there is no one better suited than Bob. He speaks from the heart. He means what he says. Bob has a compelling message and he can deliver it directly to the current Governor. He can deliver our message, broaden our base, and has a proven ability to reach across the aisle to solve problems in the public interest.

Many of you may not be aware of what Bob has accomplished. A lawyer and a teacher, as well as a veteran of both Army and Navy service, including a tour of duty in Korea, Bob was elected from the Houston/Gulf Coast area to serve in the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate, and the U. S. House of Representatives. He was later elected to the Texas Court of Appeals from a 24-county Austin/Central Texas district, and in November, 1990, Texas voters elected Bob to the Texas Supreme Court in a statewide election.Bob entered politics to clean up corrupt and incompetent leadership. During his very first session, he was a member of the "Dirty 30", of whom Texas Monthly wrote:

"IDEALISTIC? YES. REFORM-MINDED? ABSOLUTELY. BIPARTISAN? THAT TOO. [During the 62nd Legislature], the state representatives who came to be known as the Dirty Thirty were everything you've learned not to expect in politics. The group —- which eventually numbered 35 members -- put aside party loyalty to force out Speaker Gus Mutscher, who ruled the chamber like a dictator and would soon become entangled in the infamous Sharpstown stock-fraud scandal. Even more unlikely, perhaps, is that they were successful. Though the Dirty Thirty was a clear minority in the 150-member House, it continued to apply pressure. The next year, Mutscher resigned, marking at least one instance in which the little guys actually won."

Against overwhelming odds, Bob challenged the corrupt and incompetent practices of the day and became a successful member of both houses of the Texas Legislature, U.S. Congress, and Texas Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas. In the very next legislative session, only his second, Texas Monthly named Bob as an Honorable Mention in the Ten Best Legislators. The magazine wrote Bob "carried one of the largest legislative programs in the Senate (including a number of controversial measures like portions of the Speaker's reform package, consumer protection, and the eighteen-year-old rights bill), fought for it in the rough-and-tumble tradition of Babe Schwartz, and got much of it passed."

Bob sees incompetent leadership saddling our children and grandchildren with decades of future problems. Just how many special and regular sessions does it take to get school finance right? And sadly, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We encourage you to read Bob's note below. E-mail your thoughts to Kathy who will get them to Bob. You can reach her at Time is short. If you believe as we do that Bob should take on this challenge, join with us and let's see if we can elect a competent leader with a heart.

Thanks for your consideration.

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