Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A minute with CBN and Tom DeLay

An interview for the DeLay faithfull.

CBN News: Do you feel like you may have made too many enemies, to the point where now it's becoming too much of an uphill climb?

Tom DeLay: I don't think it's too much of an uphill climb, but you're right -- I've made a lot of enemies.

CBN News: Who are you angry at?

DeLay: I'm really not angry. My faith has sustained me. I struggle with loving your enemies and I try my best to love my enemies and pray for my enemies, but I'm not angry.
The article says that he really believes this is "a left-wing conspiracy designed by the Democrats who do not like DeLay's conservative Christian values and his hardball tactics". Is it me or the "left wing conspiracy" talk sounding just a bit silly and how did he catch on that we all hate bible thumpers. Geez.

They are quite the comedy dual...

Christine DeLay: They don't like Tom DeLay, because Tom DeLay has been very effective in making some serious changes in this country.

Tom Delay: All they have is the politics of personal destruction and character assassination.

Christine: And the liberal media.

Tom: And the liberal media.

Christine: That's huge.
Let us see, the liberal media that charters an expensive private jet to a paid interview to tell the truth according to Tom Delay. Remember this...
Unsaid, but revealed in documents DeLay later filed in the U.S. House, was that DeLay's Oct. 2 appearance cost Fox News $14,000.

The money rented a private jet to ferry DeLay from a small airport near his Sugar Land home to Fox studios in Washington. The next day, after engaging in a give and take with host Chris Wallace, DeLay and his Capitol Police security detail were flown back to suburban Houston. -Chuck Lindell
Ok, back to the CBN interview.

CBN News: How much pressure did you feel you were under, to give up that House leadership position?

DeLay: I felt no pressure at all.
Sure you didn't.

And a final thought...
In the end, DeLay's bottom line is that, one day, the truth will set him free.

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