Monday, March 20, 2006

DeLay GOP opponents say "F" You

Why am I not surprised.
It is usual form for party colleagues to endorse the winner of a primary--but not so in TX-22, Tom DeLay's district.

DeLay's three former opponents are either refusing to endorse him for the general election in November or waiting to make up their minds, reports The Hill today. This could prove trouble come November. Michael Fjetland, Tom Campbell, and Pat Baig are not taking kindly to DeLay's accusations, soon after winning his race, that they "mimicked Democrat attacks."

Said Campbell: “I think Mr. DeLay is engaging in a counterproductive but characteristic pattern of conduct. He’s attacking the messenger. … Ten thousand Republicans, many of which were conservative Republicans, voted against the incumbent, and they voted for another conservative as an alternative. Mr. DeLay should think about that, rather than simply attacking me as being a liberal Democrat, which simply the facts don’t support.” - PCAF

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