Friday, March 24, 2006

A moment with Texas Blogs.

Eddie says don't drink the water and damn if you shouldn't vote for Chris Bell.

Don't expect the Dick to invite the our favorite cockroach killer to go hunting anytime soon. The State of Texas has revoked Tom DeLay's Concealed Weapon License...being indicted in a felony an all. Juanita has the scoop.

Rick Perry, Tom DeLay and the illegal use of taxpayer money. I know, I know. Tom is involved in another scandal. Republican State Comptroller Carole blah blah blah Strayhorn is ready for a fight with Goodhair as the Dems just sit back and wait. Houtopia explains that this is just a preview of Texas Republican Death Match 2006: Goodhair vs. Grandma.

Meanwhile, Grandma takes Goodhair to court for wanting every ballot signature hand verified. Nate explains why and wonders where is Kinky in all of this?

Jack Cluth and Pink Dome explain the Bush Silver Foot and Mouth disease.

Dos Centavos give us their two cents and supports Urbina-Jones for State Democratic Chair.

Evan notes two new blogs in CD-22 and as you would guess both lean to right. But hey that's Ok, I need a new punching bag besides Chris.

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