Monday, May 08, 2006

Comedy of errors in CD 22

Visit Chris Elam for the best up to date selection scoop of the new DeLay replacement. Now don't get me wrong, Chris has done a fine job of posting what he feels is the most pertinent information for his readers. But often, the selection process and the internal squabbling has been comical at best. SREC Committeewoman and CD 22 Precinct Chair Kathy Haigler sent out a recent update with a comment regarding her top secret "STRATEGY".
4) As stated before, the Harris County Precinct Chairs wanted a chance to visit one-on-one with the candidates, ask the tough questions, and get to know them. We asked things like, "What is your biggest negative" and "What makes you the best person to beat Nick Lampson in November?" The answers to those questions are what we call "STRATEGY", and should not be open to the public or the media. In the same meeting we decided to have the forum, we also decided to make it a closed, private meeting.
Shhh! Don't spread this but you can read the "not open to the public or media" strategy questions here. The funny thing is that the questions were leaked by the Harris County GOP!Additional candidate questions have now been revealed as well and posted here.

More to come...

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