Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just for fun

This is a list of the 25 most valuable incoming links per Blogshares. Many incoming links not captured. Don't ask me why.

Texas Politics (B$3,018.62)
skippy the bush kangaroo (B$2,187.59)
Dos Centavos (B$1,916.98)
Off the Kuff (B$1,740.65)
Tom Delay vs. the World (B$917.86)
POLITICO (B$851.83)
South Texas Chisme (B$791.59)
Safety For Dummies (B$779.53)
Come and Take it! (B$717.47)
GregsOpinion (B$664.05)
The Reaction -- by Michael J.W. Stickings (B$423.95)
You've Been Left (B$415.66)
StoutDemBlog (B$412.28)
Acoustic Dad's Place (B$400.91)
Tejano Insider (B$389.45)
RGV Politics (B$383.44)
Fort Bend Democrats (B$365.01)
Brains and Eggs (B$361.34)
P! (B$331.77)
The Supreme Irony of Life... (B$309.38)
Bryan's District 22 Blog (B$299.77)
Why Are We Back In Iraq? (B$293.79)
WhoHijackedOurCountry (B$290.19)
Xpatriated Texan - A Maverick Believer in the Garden State (B$280.60)

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