Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mayor Tom Delay?

An email sent to residents of Northern Virginia's city of Alexandria encouraged residents to write in US House Rep. Tom Delay for the City Council, today's edition of ROLL CALL reports. Delay has announced that he is relocating to the Washington, DC suburb after he leaves Congress on June 9.

Excerpts from the registration restricted artice:

City Councilman DeLay? Now that he has settled on Alexandria, Va., as his permanent residence — a neat way to disqualify himself from the ballot in the 22nd Congressional district of Texas — Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) is exploring his options for the future. Some folks in Alexandria apparently hope that will include running for local office.

HOH recently discovered an e-mail that was circulating in GOP circles just prior to the Alexandria City Council election earlier this month. The subject: “Tom DeLay for Alexandria City Council.”

The e-mail, from “citizen kane” read:

“EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE on May 2nd in Alexandria’s local election.

“More importantly, send a message to the socialists on the City Council and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE IN A CANDIDATE’S NAME.

“He was also able to defeat Marxism in Eastern Europe; perhaps he can help us defeat Marxism west of the Potomac in Alexandria. Let’s drop the ‘Hammer’ on Alexandria’s Politburo!

“Please, write in the name of new Alexandria, VA resident, and former House Majority Leader TOM DELAY!!! Tom DeLay for City Council!”

The sender urged recipients to forward to all Alexandria voters.

It’s unclear how many write-in votes DeLay wound up getting, since write-in votes were not officially tabulated. But DeLay, whose last day in Congress is set for June 9, was flattered by the notion that he take the K Street Project local.

“Mr. DeLay has no plans at this time to initiate his own personal King Street Project on the Alexandria City Council,” DeLay spokeswoman Shannon Flaherty told HOH. “Having ‘The Hammer’ in their neighborhood can serve a much better purpose, like keeping the poster boy of tolerance, Jim ‘The Gooch’ Moran, off the streets. Ask any of the neighborhood kids he’s beaten up and they’ll tell you he rules King Street with a white-knuckled fist. Literally.”

What does Rep. Moran (D-Va.) — a former pugilist who has indeed been involved in a couple of public scrapes with constituents — think about the prospect of DeLay getting involved in local politics in his district? Moran spokesman Austin Durrer took the high road instead of responding to Flaherty’s insults, saying, “Alexandria’s a pretty sweet place to live, but it’s no Sugar Land

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