Monday, June 12, 2006


Governor Rick Perry of Texas has mandated to spend $5 million to install cameras nearby the Texas Rio Grande river in an effort to prevent terrorism and illegal immigration. These cameras allow internet users to watch people suspected of crossing the border illegally, and if they see someone break the law, they can call law enforcement by using an 800 number that will be listed on that particular web page. Gov. Perry calls it a neighborhood crime watch program. I call it another element of the Republican engender - Totalitarianism. See also the Patriot Act and the White House eavesdropping scandal.

It's a shame that I haven't heard anyone in the press complain; as a matter of fact, local law enforcement have applauded the idea. Fools, by doing this terrorism has won over our freedoms. This idea sets a new precedence. First cameras nearby the border, then cameras in our neighborhood, then the thought police will be knocking on your door.

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