Monday, June 12, 2006

Kerry 'almost certainly' won'...if he had a backbone

Times columnist: Kerry 'almost certainly' won...
But Herbert wrote on Monday: "Kerry almost certainly would have won Ohio if all of his votes had been counted, and if all of the eligible voters who tried to vote for him had been allowed to cast their ballots....No one has been able to prove that the election in Ohio was hijacked. But whenever it is closely scrutinized, the range of problems and dirty tricks that come to light is shocking. What's not shocking, of course, is that every glitch and every foul-up in Ohio, every arbitrary new rule and regulation, somehow favored Bush."
I really have no reaction to this other than if the Democrats had the balls to fight this something may have come of it. Unfortonately, we had a Democratic candidate who seemed to care more about his political career and stand down instead of doing what John Edward wanted to do and challenge the votes. Oh, shall we learn and select a stronger candidate.

One for the history books.

Stop the Diebold thieves!

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