Monday, June 19, 2006

Why Bother To Have An Election?

Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace is among the Republican candidates to replace Tom DeLay, who resigned as congressman in District 22. Although the Texas Democratic Party has filed a legal challenge, each of the county Republican parties within District 22 is set to select an elector. The four electors are to pick DeLay’s replacement on the ballot.

In the article detailing the comments made by David Wallace on the congressional District 22 lawsuit (The Daily News, June 9), I think Wallace has revealed a frightening shallowness of his character.

Wallace accuses Nick Lampson of being responsible for the lawsuit, but consider Tom DeLay ran a vigorous primary campaign, raised money up until the day he decided to throw in the towel and left the Republicans in District 22 with four people to decide who is going to be on the ballot in November.

Is this legal and acceptable practice? Why bother having primaries for incumbents?

Why not have every single retiring congressman stay in his seat through the primary and let the county leadership of the party pick the replacement for the ballot?

The entire Republican population in District 22 was disenfranchised by DeLay’s latest political maneuver, all in an attempt to keep the GOP strong and without regard to the people of the district.

Lampson has always done what is best for his constituents. Can you say the same for the DeLay and Wallace crew?

When you realize why the lawsuit was filed by the Texas Democratic Party, you will see it is acting in the entire United States of America’s best interests.

C.J. Farley Houston

From the Galveston Daily News.

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