Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Delay ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with Jews

Honestly, can you imagine Hot Tub Tom on the front lines hunting Hizb’Allah? That's a a recent comment he made on Isreal National Radio. Well, he actully didn't mean himself but your sons and daughters or family and friends. He'd rather answer the door to curious reporters in his Sugar Land home. He does still live in Sugar Land, doesn't he? The folks over at Lone Star Times are singing Hallelujah at such comments this being the last days and all.

"The hammer likes how Israel kicks ass. They are also more like us except they dont have a bunch of whiny ass Liberals to deal with on a daily basis."

"As much as I don’t care for Mr. Delay on another level, I like him immensely for this. Good job, Mr. Delay."

"It is refreshing, someone out of office, speaking his mind. He doesn’t have to worry about votes so he doesn’t have to cater to anyone."

"I’m happy to hear Delay’s support for Israel. I do not doubt his commitment."

"Oh– and thank you Tom DeLay."
Ok, hop on plane with your hero, grab a gun and go at it.

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