Thursday, August 17, 2006

Give up CD-22 GOPers - Smithers is the one?

Cancel all GOP selection committees and give it up...David Wallace. The Libertarian Party has put a press release out to District 22 GOP voters and to their base with the message that Bob Smithers has a strong chance of winning the congressional against Nick Lampson. Thier contention is Ron Paul owned a piece of CD-22 before Delay's redisctricting sham. So why can't Bill own it all!
Before redistricting, parts of District 22 were held by Congressman Ron Paul. Paul once ran for president as the Libertarian Party candidate. While currently elected as a Republican in the 14th District, Paul’s libertarian ideology and Libertarian Party association are well known. As there is significant overlap between the former and current district boundaries, many voters in the 22nd District have already voted for a candidate who runs on a libertarian platform.
Huh? The problem is Ron Paul ran as a Republican and didn't have Libertarian next to his name in the polling booth.

The hot topic on this site was not whether he would win but what to do with his crappy campaign website. Take a look at it for yourself.
I know HTML and CSS, but that’s it (no PHP, no Javascript, no Flash). I could rearrange his current content better and make it look cleaner, but that’s about it. I suppose that would be a start.

Nick Lampson has flash and integrated video and his pages aren’t static HTML (they use Javascript and probably other stuff I don’t understand). A page like this should be the ultimate goal, I think.
Chris from the Libertarian Party had this remark though...
What we really need is to ship in Libertarians into CD-22 to walk prectincts and convince then that people are going to get more by having Smithers in Congress than Lampson or a write-in candidate. The Republicans and Democrats do this effectively…we should too!

The future of CD-22

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