Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hackett rips Van Taylor again on the Young Turks

Paul Hackett, as a guest on the Young Turks radio show had some choice words for Chris Matthew's new bitch, Van Taylor. I grabbed to best part of the interview for you to read.

Cenk Uyger: Another beautiful thing is when you were on Hardball last night and you ripped Van Taylor apart. This is the guy running against Chet Edwards in Texas.

Paul Hackett: You know how can you help but do that. Van Taylor is nothing more than an apologist for a failed administration...the liar in chief and his chuckle head friends, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Van Taylor...he couldn't find his ass with a compass and a map. He is an absolute... It is pathetic. What I wanted to say to Van Taylor, you still have enough time to be on the right side of history instead of being just another ?? puking sound bite regurgitating numb nut.

Cenk Uyger: He fought in the same war you did and he is also a veteran. How does he come out of that war and have a completely different experience and talk stuff that doesn't really make any sense. I mean we all saw the tape. He is regurgitating talking points. Do you think he saw something different or he doesn't care and he just trying to get elected?

Paul Hackett: That's a tough question. I don't really know.

I am a little bit skeptical in actually believing that based on some of his behavior that he is nothing more than an opportunist. He moved to Texas...He move to the 13th District in order to qualify to run in that congressional race. So to me that immediately sends up the BS flag that he is an opportunist and that he's not what he portrays himself to be. He inherited millions and millions of dollars from daddy so what does that tell us so far? He moved to a part of Texas to be a politician and he inherited a ton of money from his mommy and daddy. Who does that remind you of?

The only thing I could say good about Van Taylor he's part of one of the greatest organizations...we share that in common...the Marine Corp but there has to be something decent about him, but I think he has been slightly misguided.

You can listen to the interview here.

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