Sunday, August 20, 2006

A little bit about Lampson: Part One

You have been hearing a lot in the past week on who the fearless Republican leader will or will not be to replace Tom DeLay. We'll know more tomorrow as well. With all that, I thought it only fitting to tell you about the man that will be the next Democratic congressman from District 22.
Nick has a long family history in Texas's 22nd congressional district. His grandparents came to this country from Italy and settled in Stafford, Texas nearly 100 years ago, where they had farms and were founding members of their church. Nick's parents grew up, met and married in Fort Bend County, and the Lampson children spent a great deal of time on their grandparents' farms working the fields and learning what it meant to be part of a community larger than themselves.

Nick was one of six children born to a welder and a homemaker. His father passed away when he was 12 years old, and Nick took his first job at that young age sweeping floors to supplement the family's income. Nick's mother received $19 dollars per month from Social Security, as long as Nick stayed in school. This money helped his family stay together in those difficult years, and Nick has been a steadfast voice for protecting Social Security throughout his time in government. Nick is married to wife, Susan. They have two grown children, and three grandchildren.
Visit to learn more of his campaign on how to become a volunteer.

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