Monday, August 21, 2006

Mayor Dave calls it quits in CD-22

I just left the David Wallace decision press conference and as I predicted on Sunday he will be removing his name as a write-in candidate for CD-22. I got there a little late so I missed the meat of the press conference. With wife and daughter at his side, the conference with a few staff and news reports was a small affair. Where were all his supporters? In summary this is what I heard:

He is withdrawing from the race to unify the party.

He received no outside pressure from the party chairs.

When asked what happened last Thursday and why he wasn't selected his answer was simply, "I don't know".

He will donate the maximum amount allowed to Shelley Sekula Gibbs campaign.

Again and again he said he did not receive outside pressure to withdraw.

So in short he calls it quits just like his ole' pal Tom DeLay. See ya in 08, Mayor Dave.

Juanita has the press release and the other reason he's leaving...a promised 3 million form the GOP if there is only one.

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