Friday, August 18, 2006

No ID you go to jail says Shelley whatever

Do you ever leave your home and happen to forget your ID? It could happen to anyone of us I'm sure. But if Shelley, the blonde mexican, got her way she would throw you in the slammer.

Thanks to KOS for reminding me of the letter written by her in which she is calling for support to allow law enforcement officials the ability to ask for immigration status and arrest people if they have no identification.
...some politicians fear that asking people who have no ID about their legal status might intimidate all illegals into not reporting crimes. This policy of appeasement must be stopped. Police need the authority to hold persons who do not have proper identification until federal immigration authorities can check them out and warrant checks can be run.
My wife sometimes complains that I'm a bit forgetful and the fact I'm hispanic concerns me. I guess I could purchase a wallet chain but then she would never go out with me in public. But then again, I'll just make sure Nick Lampson wins!

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