Wednesday, September 06, 2006

$30,000 or $3,000,000 What's the difference?

I guess this is why the righties hate the chron so much...

Lampson has already set the pace for spending. By the end of June he had $2.2 million cash on hand and spent about $80,000. His campaign spokesman Mike Malaise said Lampson should have more than $3 million in contributions and the campaign plans to use every bit of it. "It's not in our plans to have any money left over," Malaise said.

Sekula-Gibbs had about $30,000 in the bank at the end of June, two months after she began raising money.

Some Republicans in the district are skeptical the national parties will plunk down much money at all.
They wish. I look at it this way, I foresee the Dems pumping some money in to ensure they win the race in a district Tom DeLay royally screwed up for his party. Now on the other side, why in the hell would the GOP send three dollars, much less 3 million to a little known dermatologist who is a write-in candidate. But then again, they seem to have forgotten how they got their head up their ass in the past few months so nothing surprises me. Just wondering? How long before she used the term "Islamic fascists"?

Show me the pennies!

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