Monday, September 04, 2006

Bluer in Fort Bend

I took a road trip to Austin for the Labor day weekend which was great as usual. I must say my heart remained in Sugar Land as I missed out on the The Fort Bend Blue event on Sunday. Good people, great candidates and awesome barbecue. Muse has a quick breakdown of the evening and pointed out this event wasn't just the same ole party loyals. Amen!

One of the cool things for me was that the crowd wasn't just the same old die hards you see at every event. I get kind of used to that. I go to a political event and see all of my friends and a few new faces. This wasn't like that at all. These are the voters and activists who are going to turn Fort Bend Blue on Nov. 7th!
Bryan, as usual, puts his camera to excellent use.

Ok, Susan and Don, call me it's time to put the big signs up...

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