Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Somebody pop that bubble

Here are a few of the new Iraqi poll findings: The title of article is what really caught my eye. An Overwhelming Majority Think U.S. Forces Are Provoking Conflict.

Six in 10 Iraqis approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces, up from fewer than half in an earlier PIPA poll in January.

Nearly eight in 10 say the U.S. presence in Iraq is provoking more conflict than it's preventing (as opposed to being "a stabilizing force.")

Forty-seven percent say the country is headed in the right direction, down from 64 percent in January.

Most have confidence in the Iraqi army (64 percent) and police (71 percent) to protect their security. More than eight in 10 lack such confidence in U.S. troops.

Thirty-seven percent want U.S. troops to withdraw within six months; an additional 34 percent want them to withdraw within the next year.

Fifty-three percent are confident that Iraqi security forces will be strong enough to deal with security challenges in six months, up 14 points since January.
Most Iraqis want to attack us, we provoke more conflict and most have confidence in their own army. So will Bush now come out and say that the Iraqi people are "just dead wrong" as he said to the majority of Americans, retired generals and his own intelligence agencies. Will somebody please pop the bubble this president has been living in for the past six years...will somebody in his staff please give this guy a DVD of current events...or is this guy really that incompetent?

I am bubble-boy

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