Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who's playing with your gas money?

My wife, a good Democrat, called me at work today and asked if I the gas prices would drop to two dollars or lower by the November elections. I thought this was odd due to the fact that I had mentioned it to her on more than occasion that it would just in time to give the Republican base something to feel good about around election time. Even with all the misery caused by the gang of thugs there are some who would fall into the trap of the party in power working for them by lowing the price at the gas pump BUSH-shit. The reality is big oil has done has done great with the Bush Crime Family in power.

Wow, that felt good! Anyway, I think she's a believer now.

American voters are sooo stupid.
They could easily fall for this bullshit.
If they do, gas will be $4 at Christmas.- Bartcop

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