Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dear Opportunist: Walk the walk, don't just talk the talk

It looks like this bag of hot air will need more than the Dick and a bag of money. Shelley-Sekula-bag-of hot-air.

But some on council are accusing her of flip-flopping on the issue.

A day after the majority of city council walked out as Sekula-Gibbs hammered the city's immigration policy, the council woman and Republican candidate for congress says she did the right thing.

She said, "There is no good time to talk about a tragedy."

But council member Toni Lawrence, a conservative who was one of the first to walk out, accused Sekula-Gibbs of flip-flopping -- pointing out that when former council member Mark Ellis tried to get the city to rescind its immigration policy last November, Sekula-Gibbs wouldn't support him.

"She was quoted as saying, 'I don't know that much, it's not a big deal.' Now every time she gets up it gets out," Lawrence said. "It's political with her, I don't like that. Walk the walk, don't just talk the talk."

Listen to what Sekula-Gibbs told Eyewitness News last fall.

She said, "Mr. Ellis sent an email that I really believe is a political stunt."

Thursday she refuted that accusation
Like she would actually agree.

Shelley, your really fucking this up for me!

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