Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Harold Ford takes glove off

Ok, this was kind of strange.

Harold Ford Jr. showed up uninvited at a campaign event for rival Republican Bob Corker at a private charter airstrip in Memphis this morning. Corker had scheduled the media event earlier this week.

News reporters were surprised when Ford's tour bus pulled up at the event and, apparently staff at Wilson Air were surprised as well, as they tried to steer media inside the property for the Corker news conference.

"You need to get this bus off our premises please. Right now," said one Wilson Air staffer.

Corker instead, opted to come out and talk with Ford directly while the cameras were rolling. What followed was a tense confrontation between the two, caught on tape.
Here is the link to the newscast on You Tube and the actual video from the WMCTV.

This race is to close to call and all eyes will be on the actual debate on November 28th. Pink Dome has has a link to RNC ad that started this whole mess.

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