Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reality check

Shelley someone

Alvin and Ruth Ziehr, a Pearland couple, said they try to keep up with local politics but acknowledged it's been difficult to stay atop changes in this race. The two knew that "Shelley someone" was mounting a GOP write-in effort and that no Republican would appear on the ballot.

"But that's all right with me," laughed Alvin Ziehr. "I've never voted Republican in my life."


Cynthia Hart, a straight-ticket Republican and mother of three in suburban Houston, said she was unaware she would have to write in the Republican candidate.

"I guess I have to be more careful," Hart said. "But I'm not so sure I would take the time to go through all that."
There is a Sugar Land republican blogger that may be able to say her. Not!

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