Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Silly Shelley, you're not on the ballot

Yes, Shelley must live on Mars as she must be the only one who thinks she is on the ballot for the general election here in District 22. Silly Shelley and her push polls, there are two candidates on the general and they are Nick Lampson and Bob Smither. Silly Shelley, you are write in with a long hyphenated name glued somewhere inside the polling booth.

Juanita posted an audio clip of one one such "scientific" push poll. Dave, the guy who took the call from the Shelley hired pollster by the name of Southern Research asked all the right questions to pull the sleaze out of this call. Well done indeed.

Audio clip from Juanita's.

Kuff has the transcript.

Bob Smither has picked up on this deceptive polling and issued a press release.

Hang tight people for the ever exciting news of her poll results. 5% 10% 15% 20% lead over Lampson? Why not, it's paid for... and by well earned Cheney fundraiser money.

Now can someone please tell her to get that annoying ad off the radio.

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