Monday, October 09, 2006

Texas Rep. John Davis and the mistaken $100,000

One of our local state Republicans must have taken the "Tom DeLay how to steal money from taxpayers" course but as with Tom Delay, a passing grade in his class means you steal until you get caught with you hand in the cookie jar.
Republican state Rep. John Davis has represented the Clear Lake area for eight years, but there are questions about what happened to nearly $100,000 in campaign donations.

Like every member of the Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Davis collects campaign donations and is required to report them to the Texas Ethics Commission.

11 News tracked Rep. Davis's campaign finance reports for the last six years and found that unlike most members of the Texas House, Rep. Davis is unusually vague about what happens to much of that money.

Most of his reports are specific and follow the rules: $50 for the electric bill in his Austin apartment; $300 for a sponsorship of the NASA area little league team.

But there were also entries such as, $5,490 for "miscellaneous expenses," paying of an American Express bill. In fact, credit card charges that contained no explanation as to what the card actually purchased total $48,734 in the last six years.

After receiving a citizen complaint about that, the Texas Ethics Commission sent Rep. Davis a letter announcing an investigation and asking him to provide copies of the American Express bills.

Rep. Davis says he is complying.

More entries included John Davis paying John Davis with campaign donations. He lists them as reimbursements for "out of pocket expenses," but the ethics commission rules are clear on that: Politicians need to specifically say what they're purchasing, and why they need to be reimbursed with campaign donations. And Rep. Davis never does. In six years, those out of pocket reimbursements add up to $50,135.

Rep. Davis told 11 News by phone, "I made a mistake, and we'll get it corrected. It's incumbent on me to know what the rules are."
Local Bloggers Muse and Colby were gunning after Mr. Davis weeks ago prior to this story breaking with media. Kind of makes you wonder what's going through the minds of some of these republicans doesn't it? Anyway remember to cast you vote for the only logical choice on November 6. Here name is Sherrie Matula.

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