Monday, November 06, 2006

Get out the vote and and DOJ/Secretary Of State Inspectors

Fort Bend Now is reporting:

Fort Bend County polling locations may be more crowded than usual on Tuesday, as federal and state election inspectors and poll watchers for at least two candidates are expected to be present.

A representative of the U.S. Department of Justice will make unannounced visits in Fort Bend County polling places during Tuesday’s general election, Elections Administrator J.R. Perez said on Sunday.

So will inspectors from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, said spokesman Scott Haywood. Officials with Congressional District 22 Democratic candidate Nick Lampson’s campaign and the Texas Democratic Party had asked several days ago that the secretary of state provide inspectors, after several incidents at early voting locations. However, Haywood said he couldn’t disclose who made the requests that will result in Tuesday’s visits.
While I applaude this move, it is not a reason to back down with our own poll watchers at the locations while the election funny stuff has been happening. I'm sure the Lampson camp is all over this.

As expected, Fort Bend County Comissioner Andy Meyers has put his racist, hate filled signs here in Fort Bend.

It's crap like this that America is finally saying they have "had enough".

Folks, this is crunch time. Walk outside, meet yur neighbor and tell them to vote Democratic? You just may be amazed by the response you'll hear regarding the discontent with the republican party.

The hardest working group in the country is our very own Fort Bend Democrats. They are working in overdrive to get out the vote for our local Democratic candidates. Stop by their headquarters and lend a helping hand, make a few GOTV calls or just say hello to show them your support.

Most importantly, vote tomorrow. Here are all the polling sites. As Nick Lampson says, this election is extremely important not just on on a national level but the local level as well. Our friend Andy Meyers proves this point.

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