Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs for abortion before she was against it

Which is it?

Watch the video from ABC 13.

Update: Here is the Lampson campaign press release.

Another Flip-Flop from Shelley Sekula-Gibbs
For immediate release

Shelley was for abortion...before she was against it.

Houston, TX--The Lampson campaign today released a document in which Shelley Sekula Gibbs declared herself a "pro-choice" candidate on abortion and sought the Planned Parenthood endorsement. This is yet another flip-flop by Shelley on a hot button issue. And it's particularly interesting since the Gibbs campaign and their cronies at the NRCC have been running automated phone calls, dropping negative mail pieces, and airing television ads attacking Nick Lampson on abortion. Her website also includes the phrase: "Honor the sanctity of life and marriage-Pro Life and Pro Family." The hypocrisy is stunning.

"When people vote for me they know where they stand," Nick Lampson said. "With my opponent, you get a different answer every time you ask her the same question. The old saying is true: you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

In her 2001 run-off election for Houston City Council, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs sought Planned Parenthood?s endorsement and stated to them in a signed questionnaire that she was a pro-choice candidate. When asked, "Do you support (underline and bold type from actual questionnaire) a woman's right to choose abortion as it exists under current Texas law?" Sekula-Gibbs answered. "Yes." She also answered that she supported public funding for family planning services to reduce unintended pregnancies-another position she now says she does not support. In fact, Shelley received a 100% on the pro-choice questionnaire. Gibbs's position on hot button issues seems to change depending on what office she's running for. The message is clear: she'll say anything to get elected.

Earlier this year, Shelley infamously flip-flopped on the issue of illegal immigration railing against the so-called sanctuary policy that she not only supported, but actively protected, right up until a few months ago when she decided to run for Congress.

"Shelley's flip flop on illegal immigration is now infamous," Mike Malaise, Lampson campaign manager, said. "Now it turns out she was for abortion before she was against it. Maybe by 'vote twice for Shelley' she means once for pro-life Shelley and once for pro-choice Shelley. No one in this district knows where she stands on anything And they cannot trust that the candidate they vote for today will be the representative they get tomorrow."

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