Monday, December 18, 2006

New poll: worse results for the The Decider

A new poll is out and seems to be the case with every new poll, the situation for the boy wonder keeps getting worse and worse.

62% disapprove of the way Bush is handling his job as president. His highest disapproval rating to date.

42% approval handling terrorism.

41% approval handling economy.

28% approval handling the situation in Iraq. That's 70% disapproval! And the fucktard continues to tie this mess with the war on terror as he did again today in what some would call a speech.

67% oppose the war in Iraq. another all-time high.

11% support sending more troops to Iraq. Makes you wonder what the The Decider needs more time to think about for the new way forward or whatever his catch phrase of the month is. People are just sick and tired of this shit.

66% want changes made as soon as possible and not to wait wait several weeks before making those changes. This one is one that has me scratching my head. Wait until early next year for a new plan as many more of troops are badly injured or killed. Disgraceful!

Now as the Democrats take control of both houses in January, how will they take control of GW Bush? Only time will tell.

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