Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tom the prison blogger?

From The Hill:
The Hill: How does our ongoing legal battle with Ronnie Earle fit into this?

DeLay: I have no idea. We’re going to test the waters. Since I’ve been out of Congress I’ve been absolutely amazed at how supportive people have been. And also how hateful others have been. In fact, yesterday we were up on the blog for just an hour and we had over a hundred comments of the most nasty comments.100 comments that were just mean, nasty and vulgar. They used the Ronnie Earle thing saying I ought to be in prison being raped by somebody. You know, that kind of stuff, when they have no clue what the Ronnie Earle thing is and I’ve been indicted for rules that don’t even exist. But that doesn’t seem to bother the left, I’ve been convicted, I’m in prison and being raped.

Hey Tom, you want to practice picking up soap.

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