Thursday, December 14, 2006

Welcome Ciro!

"I am thrilled to welcome Ciro D. Rodriguez back to Congress. He is a man of great integrity and intellect and will serve with honor and distinction in the House of Representatives, as he has before.

"Ciro's story is the American story. Coming to America at a young age from Mexico, he faced the struggles that many immigrants face. However, with his characteristic tenacity and perseverance, he overcame them to become a dedicated public servant.

"During his time in Congress, Ciro was a champion for our nation's veterans and a voice for fiscal responsibility. He was an able chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. His victory last night is another opportunity for him to work on behalf of all Americans, not just the privileged few. He is committed to progressive values and will be a powerful voice for America's working families.

"The people of San Antonio have joined Americans from coast to coast in sending a clear message to Washington: it is time for a New Direction." - Nancy Pelosi

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