Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BOR: I Won't Stand With Rick Perry

I really dig this post on BOR this evening.
With all due respect to Chris Bell, and others who wish to champion Rick Perry's executive order forcing parents to vaccinate millions of young Texas girls against the human papillomavirus (HPV); but I strongly condemn the decision because it was done for all the obvious wrong reasons in all the obvious wrong ways.

Executive decision making without the advice and consent of the legislative branch of government is dangerous precedent to set. Especially when it includes essentially using your power as governor to play the role of a father for millions of Texas parents and their children. How far are Texans willing to go in allowing state or federal government to make such personal decisions as individual child healthcare? Are we really that gullible to allow this much government intervention into personal decision making? Read more...
There are those who say that this is nothing but a social conservative movement against Perry's decision. I can assure you and with the track record of TSB that statements like this are shallow at best and absolutely untrue. Yeah yeah yeah, we know a little bit about the truth here at Truth Serum Blog.

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