Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bush pushes America closer to endless war

Yes, the man wants all out war.
Finally, here's the debate Bush is aiming for. Today Bush asserted, very firmly, that he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Quds was responsible for the EFPs (and other weapons) killing Americans in Iraq. In purposefully muddying the waters of the evidentiary debate, Bush moves the terms onto more favorable ground. Now the right-wing wurlitzer will start pounding out the patriotic notes of this argument, an argument Democrats will be hard pressed to win: a.) the weapons are in Iraq, b.) the Iranians gave them to the Iraqis and c.) I have a duty as president to protect American lives. Thus, we attack Iran. Questioning the evidence is to put American troops in even more danger.

That's Bush's game. How do we respond?- The Agonist
Bush has lost all credibility so what he says may not actually penetrate the average person as it once did. Except for maybe the Rush - Hannity - Fox type who are gullible enough to believe Mexico would attack us tomorrow if Bush said they would. Because you know...Iraqis and Mexicans...they all look the same.

Failure to question the evidence is what got us in the mess we're in today. So congress what are you going to do? As you debate a non-binding resolution...Bush just motors on. The American people have responded by an overwhelming support of getting the troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. America deserves that we question the evidence and America deserves proof that our president is not lying us into war again. It's really that simple.

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