Thursday, September 20, 2007

DFT Senate Endorsement Poll - Noriega by a landslide

The poll closes Saturday Sept. 22 at midnight CDT. You can vote here.

Wednesday Noon Update:

Rick Noriega- 78%
Mikal Watts- 22%

Thursday Noon Update:

Rick Noriega- 82%
Mikal Watts- 18%

For what it's worth...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but they didn't count all of the votes for Watts that originated in South Texas, why?

Glen said...

The votes will be announced after the poll closes. The DFT leadership will count every vote.

We'll list the percentages of the ENTIRE votes cast and the percentages of those people who were on the DFT list before the poll started (to show the feelings of the DFT members) and the votes of those who weren't.

Including those from the same IP address coming within an hour of each other, with no names or addresses.

Glen Maxey, DFT Steering Committee

Fred said...