Thursday, September 27, 2007

On to war

Via Skippy

to the lie-berman/kyl amendment. thank these folks biden (d-de) bingaman (d-nm) boxer (d-ca) brown (d-oh) byrd (d-wv) cantwell (d-wa) dodd (d-ct) feingold (d-wi) hagel (r-ne) harkin (d-ia) inouye (d-hi) kennedy (d-ma) kerry (d-ma) klobuchar (d-mn) leahy (d-vt) lincoln (d-ar) (mccain and obama didn't vote)

all the others apparently want to go to war with iran.

Hillary, what the fuck are you doing?....


Anonymous said...

what do you mean about hilary

Fred said...

It was no secret that she showed more support for Joe (I-3rd Party) than she did for than Lamont (D)...thus her continuing agreement with Joe (I-3rd party)on the war should never be a surprise. This is not what we voted for in 06.