Friday, September 28, 2007

TSB: A letter to John Cornyn

In response to a news-letter from the Jr. Senator of Texas, John Cornyn:

Sen. Cornyn,

I appreciate your message and diligence, but I think you have it all wrong with regards to the Iraq war. The war is a lie and our troops are dying for your administration's fabrication. I always thought our nation was built on moral principles but we sacrificed these principles for a quick "shock and awe". I am embarrassed about our actions. We need to refortify our troops, rebuild our military and diplomatic strength, replenish the treasury, and save the lives that have not been lost. Our nation has strength and intelligence to go about defeating al-qaeda in a different manner.

I'm not a Republican because I believe in moral values, family values, economic values and humane values, and that the government should fund the infrastructure, fund education and defeat poverty around the world, fund associations that want to cure incurable diseases, and fund our defense against enemy combatants that are both a clear and present danger. In Iraq, the enemy is not clear and may not really be present as they could be based in Afghanistan. I supported that mission. As a matter of fact, I supported President Bush directly after 9/11 and the hunt for Osama, but he failed and has now withered away any support from me and most US and international constituents. This so called troop withdrawal that you brag about is only a reduction to troop levels before the surge, so your message is only propaganda.

I defend because their message is that we as citizens have a more powerful voice then the government and its military. Gen. Patraeus is a grocery clerk for President Bush's message and I will not support his message. However, I do support free speech, so Sen. Cornyn I'm a little concerned about you not being a defender of the constitution. As a matter of fact you should applaud that the citizens of the USA are exercising their free speech rights against BIG GOVERNENT, and that we will not bend over for this administration because the government should be the servant for the masses, and not the other way around.

On a local level, you need to realize that about 95% of the Rio Grande Valley citizens are vehemently opposed to BIG GOVERNMENT building a wall.You are supporting a divisive structure and an isolationist policy that will be regrettable for years to come. That wall will destroy wildlife, international relations, and will be another embarrassment to our nation from a global perspective. Do you remember the Berlin Wall? We tore down that wall as a symbol of Freedom and that was during Reagan's term as I may give credit to your party. Sen. Cornyn please answer this question, how involved are you with the Mexican President and other Mexican political leaders? Please inform me about your discussions with them and how we can treat immigration rather than just building a barrier. As well as the Mexican political leaders, have you had discussions with any Mexican business leaders to remedy or alleviate the poverty in Mexico? Poverty is the problem so what's your solution. So please answer how often you have engaged yourself with Mexico political and business leaders? Is it just once a year, twice a year, monthly or weekly? And if so, please describe to me the topic of conversations and solutions. If you can, then I may respect your Senatorial seat within this area of concern.


In other words we need change in Texas!!!!!

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